​Arrive and Leave Camp - LICE FREE!

CampEssentials.camp Kit ​(see "Order Products" tab)

Lice Eliminator Kit IN DISGUISE  with CUTE camp labels and no mention of "lice" or "nits"

selfies, hugs, helmets, activities!

Camp - a place where kids can be kids! Your child is going to have the time of his or her life at camp.  Camp affects your child in such a positive way.  No cell phones, no TV, no computers, no video games. Just pure simple fun, games, skits, activities.

unfortunately lice and nits are sneaky!

Although almost all camps do initial head checks for lice, there will be some that sneak through which can expose other campers. These pictures show examples of tiny dots that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  These are my actual photos of examples, then enlarged with my microscope. Imagine the odds of finding a "needle in a haystack" - a tiny dot in a whole head of hair.

Mousse 8 oz (leave at home - treat before and after camp)

Camp-oo 8 oz

Camp-ditioner 8 oz

Camp Spritz 8 oz

​Terminator Nit Comb

Mousse Massager/Scalp Scrubber

​Directions for before and after camp

​Priority mailed to your home


​​​​​​ cyndi schulken, rn

  • Camp Nurse 34 years
  • ​School Nurse 23 years
  • ​OWNER, LICE ELIMINATORS since 2009​​

​​​​​​Lice Eliminators

Proudly serving The Woodlands and surrounding areas since 2009

why worry?

CampEssentials.camp is an amazingly simple way to be pro-active against lice at camp, giving parents peace of mind.

opening day of camp - bunks, trunks, friends, bonding!

​Everyone is so excited to start the first day of summer camp. The campers are excited, the counselors are pumped, and the camp nurse is READY TO GREET ALL OF THE CAMPERS! There is nothing more difficult than finding lice or nits in a camper's hair. The camper is upset, but the hair has to be treated. There is a safe, easy way to make sure your camper arrives and leaves camp LICE-FREE!

CampEssentials.camp Kit

Lice Eliminator Kit IN DISGUISE with CUTE Camp Labels

and COMPLETE DIRECTIONS on what to do.


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