Can I get products TODAY?

​The answer is YES!

Is it hard to do the treatment myself?
Is it as expensive as other places?
The answer is NO!

Is it easy?

Is it safe?

Does it work?

Can I treat in the privacy of my home?

The answer is YES!

​After I treat, is there a way to prevent this from EVER happening again?

​The answer is YES!

why not pesticides?

The overuse of pesticide products has essentially created Super Lice.  The latest study shows 99.6% resistance to over the counter pesticide lice treatments.

What does NIH (National Institutes of Health) say?

Are there any perils of pesticides?

NIT FREE Products make lice eradication so EASY, almost ridiculously easy!!  With Lice Eliminators, you have choices:

  • Pick up Nit Free products the same day and safely treat your own family....
  • Have Nit Free delivered to you (The Woodlands area)...
  • or set an appointment with Nurse Cyndi.

Either way, your family will be lice-free.
Then you can make sure it doesn't happen again using simple repellent methods, WITHOUT SPENDING A FORTUNE!!

​I can PRIORITY MAIL products to you wherever you live (FREE SHIPPING for orders over $25 - scroll to bottom of ORDER PRODUCTS page and check OPTION 3 or 4)

can I

treat and repel?

Lice Eliminators has been in existence since 2009. I have been a school nurse of over 1000 children for 20 years.  I have been a summer camp nurse for over 30 summers.  I have dealt with lice for an "eternity"!  Nit Free products are absolutely the answer!

                          Cyndi Schulken, RN, BSN

Lice Eliminators

Pesticide Free, Safe Lice Treamtent and Repellent That Works!


lice eliminators?